We are a group of professionals establishing a non-profit making learned organization, called  Institution of Public Private Partnerships,  to promote Public Private Partnerships (PPP) for the Belt and Road Initiative, and to provide a professional body for exchange of PPP information, with the ultimate aim of implementing infrastructure development projects in an efficient and sustainable way via public private partnerships. The Institution is intended for PPP professionals, government officials, advisors, investors, and others with an interest in PPP to share knowledge and information and to better use PPP as a tool for delivering new or upgrading infrastructures.
The objectives for which the Institution established are:
1. To promote and encourage amongst members of the Institution, the acquisition and exchange of both general and technical knowledge of planning, design, legal, finance, risk, construction, operation and maintenance in relation to the public private partnerships infrastructure projects;
2. To encourage lectures, discussion, publication and where considered appropriate, research about planning, design, legal, finance, risk, construction, operation and maintenance of the public private partnerships in frastructure projects;
3. To publish and distribute for the use of its members any relevant material that will encourage the exchange of information, ideas and knowledge to the benefit of all;
4. To create an environment which will promote fellowship between its members;
5. To foster close ties with societies, associations and/or institutions world-wide who have similar objects, especially in the People's Republic of China;
6. To raise funds and/or secure payment(s) of money in such a manner as the Institution shall think fit for the purpose of furthering its objects;
7. To appeal for, accept and receive any property, endowment, legacy, bequest, gift, loan, or other form of financial support for any managers thereof, including but not limited to the follow: -
  • To invest the funds of the Institution in such manner and to such extend as the Committee thinks appropriate or expedient;
  • To assist members to gain maximum opportunities in Hong Kong and international markets;
  • To insure with any company or person against losses damages risks and liabilities of all kinds which may affect the Institution, its members, Committee Members and/or the employees of the Institution.
The Institution of Private Public Partnerships held the Inaugural Council Meeting on 2 May 2017 in Hong Kong.