Welcome the  Institution of Public Private Partnerships  to turn the page!


In March 2018, the Institution of Public Private Partnerships has achieved an important milestone for the Chinese translation of the Foundation course of  the World Bank Group’s PPP Certification Guide. Moreover, the Chairman of our Institution had the opportunity to share our PPP knowledge and experience with the students and the peers as a visitor lecturer to a master degree class at University of Hong Kong, a VIP speaker to China Hong Kong Railway Institution AGM and a seminar speaker to Hong Kong Institution of Engineers on the development of public private partnerships in the world.


We are delighted to announce that the Institution of Public Private Partnerships is now open to any interested party who agree with the objects of the Institution to apply as Members of the Institution of Public Private Partnerships.  We like to ask you to help distribute the open invitation letter and the membership application form, which are attached in this email for your use . For more information, please visit the website of Institution of Public Private Partnerships at www.ippp.org.hk.




Walter Chan



Institution of PPP