ESBN Asia-Pacific Green Deal for Business Roundtable
held on 1 November 2023 at Lao PDR
The Asia-Pacific Green Deal for Business, launched at the Asia Pacific Business Forum on 26 August 2022, recognizes that a green transformation of the economy is necessary for the well-being of all people. The Green Deal is an initiative of the ESCAP Sustainable Business Network (ESBN), an institution that gathers like-minded businesses committed to sustainability to discuss how the private sector can advance sustainable development in their countries and regions.
In order to bring about the necessary green transformation of our economy, the private sector will need to work hand-in-hand with the public sector to ensure that goals around decarbonization, green infrastructure and urbanization, and green finance are aligned.
The ESBN has recently reoriented its task forces around the five pillars of the Asia-Pacific Green Deal for Business. A task force has been dedicated to the topic of infrastructure. This task force will consider how businesses can implement the objectives of the infrastructure pillar, which are:
"Building smart, low carbon, water-secure and climate-resilient cities, infrastructure and mobility.
Greenhouse gas emissions from construction and operations of urban infrastructure and its activities,
including buildings and transport infrastructure, must be reduced further, while water security and
resilience to future crises are strengthened."
At the invitation from ESBN, our Chairman, Mr. Billy Tam attended the ESBN Asia-Pacific GreenDeal for Business Roundtable on 1 Novenmber at Lao PDR. The theme of the Roundtable is “Building smart, low carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure in developing countries”.
Mr. Billy Tam conducted a presentation on the Training and Qualification of PPP Professionals during the Panel Discusison: Delivering sustainable infrastructure with private section participation.