IPPP Update
Asia Pacific Forum on  "Catalyzing climate finance and investment flows to ramp up climate action and advance the SDGs"
On 25 August 2022, IPPP Honorary President Walter Chan virtually attended the Asia Pacific Forum virtually on "Catalyzing climate finance and investment flows to ramp up climate action and advance the SDGs"  The Forum was jointly organised by the Egyptian Presidency of COP27, UN High Level Champions for Climate Action and UN ESCAP. The Forum brought together key stakeholders from public and private sectors to catalyze additional investment in climate mitigation and adaptation in line with the SDGs. Participants of the Forum included the public and private financial institutions from various countries. Various initiatives and organisations preparing projects collaborate to identify and address the financing bottlenecks, to showcase and learn from success stories of climate investment and share investment-ready climate initiatives in Member States to spur further investment.
Scaling up investment in climate infrastructure projects through Public Private Partnerships (PPP) was discussed in at the Forum. These included Presentations featuring sustainable infrastructure projects that were consider to be bankable and aligned with their respective national SDG and climate-resilient strategy. Sample projects (with high climate impacts/benefits) drawn from the PPP network pipeline were discussed, as well as those suitable existing projects that provide opportunities to advance low-carbon, climate-resilient infrastructure through public-private partnership and promote investment interest and expertise from the private sector.
IPPP will continue to actively support the UN ESCAP in the implementation of PPP infrastructure projects in order to achieve the SDG targets.
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