IPPP Update
Meeting with Our Hong Kong Foundation on Northern Metropolis Development
On 11 May 2022, IPPP delegation (Chairman Ir Billy Tam, Vice Chairman Ir Francis Sootoo and Council Member Ir David Yau) visited Our Hong Kong Foundation Office (OHKF) and met with Mr. Ryan Ip, Head of Land and Housing Research of OHKF and his team. IPPP shared the preliminary findings on the Application of PPP for potential projects in the Northern Metropolis Development. During the discussion session, a PPP Centre for Hong Kong was suggested to be established to enhance the following functions:
  1. Promote good PPP practices;
  2. Provide information of PPP projects in Hong Kong and to maintain the data base for reference;
  3. Share innovative ideas and solutions at PPP conferences and seminars; and
  4. Provide recommendations on PPP issues to decision makers in government.