IPPP Update
Ir Professor Steven Lai appointed as Adjunct Professor by the Institute of Science and Technology Management, China Academy of Management Science.
The Institution of Public Private Partnerships (IPPP) is a not-for-profit learned organization consisted of a group of professionals to promote PPPs for the Belt and Road Initiative. We provide a platform for exchange of PPP knowledge to deliver infrastructure development projects in an efficient and sustainable way. 
Our Co-opted Council Member, Ir Professor Steven Lai, Chief Executive of ATAL Engineering Limited, heads the environmental engineering division delivering projects with state-of-the-art environmental technologies. Its projects have ranged from municipal potable water treatment plants, municipal and industrial sewage treatment plants, sludge treatment plants, and air treatment plants to solid waste treatment plant.
In April 2021, Ir Professor Steven Lai has been appointed as Adjunct Professor by the Institute of Science and Technology Management, Chinese Academy of Management Sciences.
The Institute of Science and Technology Management of the China Academy of Management Science was established in 1989. It is a research institution that promotes management science and technology research in China and promotes the construction of an innovative country. It is an international management science and technology exchange think tank.
The Institute of Science and Technology Management has the following objectives:
1. To carry out scientific management research related to building an innovative country;
2. To establish problem-oriented management system and policy research based on the multidisciplinary management knowledge and theories;
3. To establish a co-operative research mechanism, encourage joint research between industry and university, and strive to become an advance academic exchange platform for management science as well as a base for talent training;
4. To become the base for talent in management science and technology, and the China's management science and technology talent base think tank as well as the experimental area for management science and technology research.
Mindful of the history that the China Academy of Management Science was initiated by scientists Qian Xuesen, Qian Sanqiang, Qian Weichang, Pei Lisheng, Ma Hong and more than 200 senior researchers. It was approved by comrade Chen Yun on 1st September 1986. With the support of Song Ping and the main leaders of the central government, it was established on 2nd June 1987 as a national institution approved by the Chinese government. This is China's first new style scientific research consulting institution approved by the state to specialize in management science and related scientific interdisciplinary research.
Congratulations! Ir Professor Steven Lai. You have made us all so proud. The Institution is very happy for you.