IPPP Update No. 35 - IPPP Webinar titled "PPP Practice and Prospect in China" held on 25 March 2021
Prof Dr WANG Shou Qing is the Honorary Advisor of our Institution. Dr Wang teaches at Tsinghua University China. He is the Chief Specialist in the Centre for PPP at Tsinghua University and the Director of PPP Lab of Hang Lung Centre for Real Estate in the University. He is the Chairman of Academic Committee of the Chinese Universities PPP Forum (currently with 72 university members). Dr Wang holds many advisory positions outside China. He is the China Representative of EU-Asia PPP Network which is to promote Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in infrastructure development in a network of five strategically important universities in Europe and Asia. He is the Editorial/Advisory Board Members of the International Journal of Project Management, Project Management Journal, and Journal of Financial Management of Property & Construction. Dr Wang has produced more than 400 literatures in PPP and is praised as “Godfather of PPP in China”. Dr Wang is one of the two leading experts nominated for legislation of Concession Law for Infrastructure and Public Utilities (draft for comments) based on which the Administrative Measures for Concession of Infrastructure and Public Utilities has been implemented since 2015.
Our Institution is honoured to have Dr Wang conducted an IPPP Webinar titled "PPP Practices and Prospect in China" which was held on 25 March 2021. Dr Wang based on his extensive research gave a very comprehensive presentation on the development of infrastructure investment models, PPP applications in economic and social infrastructures in mainland China. The Webinar was well received by members of IPPP, academic and private sector from around the world.
We like here to thank Ms. Moon Wei, Council Member of the IPPP to act as the moderator for the Webinar. We also like to thank ATAL Engineering Group for the sponsorship of this webinar. ATAL Engineering Group is a leading electrical and mechanical engineering service provider headquartered in Hong Kong, with operations in Macau, Mainland China, the United States and the United Kingdom.
The IPPP Webinar video recording (conducted in Chinese) is available from the IPPP official website link below:
For PPT: