Dear Patrons, Honorary Advisors and Council Members,
Welcome to your 2017 June Institution of Public Private Partnerships Update
The Institution of Private Public Partnerships is delighted to advise that we have three new members to join the Council.
Teddy Iu, Independent Non Executive Director , Gameone Group Limited
Eric Lee, Managing Director, Great Union Intert'l Holdings Limited
Kevin So, Assistant Director, OUHK LiPACE
Together with the existing 12 Council members, we have 15 members of professional experience extending across a wide spectrum from legal, finance, education, engineering to project management.
We are very happy that the Institution of PPP has entered an Agreement with APMG last week to translate the World Bank's PPP Guide into simplified Chinese. A project team of 5 people has been organized for the translation work, which is expected to continue for 8 months. The project team members are:
Walter Chan
KM Yeung
David Yau
Ken Tong
Moon Wei
In addition, we are delighted to welcome China Road and Bridge Corporation to be our second Patron of the Institution of Public Private Partnerships. China Road and Bridge Corporation is a company of China Communications Construction Company Ltd. (CCCC) which is a Fortune 500 Company focusing on the investment, design and construction of transportation infrastructure such as port, highway, bridge, railway, airport and municipal works. CCCC is ranked as China’s largest design and construction Company as well as the largest international contractor, CCCC has so far established the presence in over 80 countries, like in Africa, Americas, South Asia, Middle East and Europe. On behalf of the Institution, we thank China Road and Bridge Corporation very much for being the Patron of the Institution of PPP.
In the Council meeting this month, we have established four committees, namely,Learning and Development, Green Finance, PPP Guide Translation and Conference Organizing with the intention to promote PPP for the Belt and Road Initiative via learning and sharing knowledge, and the green finance to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions. The responsible persons of the relevant committees are as follows:
Teddy Iu, Walter Chan                  Green Finance Committee
Prof Albert Kwan, Dr Kevin So       Learning and Development Committee
David Yau, KM Yeung                   Conference Organizing Committee
Walter Chan, Moon Wei                PPP Guide Translation Committee
Walter Chan
Institution of PPP