Lecture on “Emerging Practices in Infrastructure PPP Projects“ held at Hong Kong Polytechnic University
To further promote the sustainable development of PPP, the Lecture on "New Practice of Infrastructure PPP Projects" by Professor Lalit Johri of Oxford University, co-sponsored by the Department of Building and Real Estate of Hong Kong Polytechnic University and Hong Kong Institution of Public Private Partnership (IPPP) was held at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University on December 7, 2018.
The Speaker, Prof. Lalit Johri, is the Senior Fellow in International Business and the Director of the Oxford Advanced Management and Leadership Programme at Saïd Business School, University of Oxford, and the Honorary Advisor of HK Institution of Public Private Partnerships.
Professor Patrick Lam, Department of Building and Real Estate, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and Chairman Walter Chan of IPPP delivered speeches respectively, and presented souvenirs and certificates to Professor Lalit Johri.
Prof. Johri, in his lecture, shared his profound insight into the evolving PPP approaches over the past decades and highlighted the internationally recognized good practices in the preparation, procurement, and management of PPPs in terms of leadership, mindset and strategy, and growing culture of excellence is the key to success.
  1. Took India's first airport project based on PPP framework (BIAL, Bangalore International Airport) as a case example, explained how to grow culture of service excellence in a complex ecosystem, and through behavioural excellence collaboration interventions.
  2.  How leadership shape the context and drivers of value creation.
  3. Mindset for PPPs, from terms of coming to the table, reframing PPPs purpose, PPP concept to contract, declining in private funding, pointed out the risk mitigation strategies such as reallocating risk and learning platforms, and the flexibility in strategies and culture as the key to project success.
In the question-and-answer session, Professor Lalit Johri shared his experience and insight on the suggestions for local Hong Kong PPP culture, private confidence to public, financial returns and the impact of new technologies etc.
After the Lecture, IPPP and Professor Lalit Johri had further communication and discussion. Council Members of IPPP attended the Lecture were Mr. Walter Chan (Chairman of IPPP), Mr. KM Yeung (Vice chairman) and council members Professor MW Chan, Mr. David Leung, Prof Jack Cheng, Barrister-at-law Chin Yu Liu, Ms. Moon Wei,Ms. Yabin Hou, Mr. Zhifeng Gao, etc. 
為進一步推動PPP的可持續發展,由香港理工大學和香港公私營合作學會聯合主辦,牛津大學Lalit Johri教授主講的的“基礎設施PPP項目的新興實踐” 講座于2018年12月7日在香港理工大學隆重舉行。
Lalit Johri教授是牛津大學國際商務高級研究員,牛津大學Saïd商學院“高級管理與領導計畫”的項目主任,香港公私營合作學會的名譽顧問。
香港理工大學建築及房地產系林俊業教授和香港公私營合作學會陳國雄主席分別致辭,並向Lalit Johri教授贈送紀念品和證書。
Lalit Johri教授在講座中分享了他對過去幾十年不斷變化的PPP做法的深刻見解,從領導力、思維模式和戰略等方面強調了國際公認的PPP準備、採購和管理方面的良好做法,以及培育卓越文化是成功的關鍵。
  1. PPP框架模式的BIAL專案(班加羅爾國際機場)為案例,在一個複雜專案生態系統中通過行為卓越協作干預來發展卓越服務的文化。
  2. PPP專案中使用領導力來塑造價值創新的背景和動因。
  3. PPP的思維模式,從走向會議桌、重塑PPP目標、概念到合約、降低私營融資等方面,提出重新分配風險、學習平臺等風險緩解策略,以及執行策略的靈活性和文化對項目成功的關鍵作用等。
在問答環節,Lalit Johri教授就大家關心的對香港本地PPP文化的建議、私營方信心、財務回報、新技術影響等方面,分享了他的經驗和體會。
講座結束後,香港公私營合作學會和Lalit Johri教授進一步進行了溝通討論。當天參加講座的香港公私營合作學會理事成員有主席陳國雄先生、副主席楊建明先生、理事陳文偉教授、梁泉材先生、鄭展鵬教授、廖展如大律师、魏月女士、侯亞兵女士、高志鋒先生等。