Dear Patrons, Honorary Advisors and Council Members,
Welcome to your 2017 May Institution of Public Private Partnerships Update
We are delighted to advise that the Institution of Private Public Partnerships (PPP) had just held the inaugural Council meeting on 2 May 2017 in Hong Kong. The Institution of PPP is to promote the Belt and Road Initiative, and to provide a professional body for exchange of PPP information, with the ultimate aim of implementing infrastructure development projects in an efficient and sustainable way via public-private partnerships.
We are delighted to welcome you in our board of Honorary Advisors to ensure that the Institution of PPP will succeed through the academic excellence, deep experience and service to society. The Honorary Advisors are as follows:
Professor Wang Shou Qing: China leading PPP expert, Professor of construction management, Associate Dean of International Engineering Project Management Institute, Tsinghua University.
Professor Albert Chan: Hong Kong leading PPP expert, Chair Professor of Construction Engineering and Management and Head of Department of Building and Real Estate, Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
Professor Albert Kwan: Hong Kong infrastructure expert, Professor of Civil Engineering, former Head of Department of Civil Engineering, University of Hong Kong.
Professor Kerry London: Immediate Past President of Chartered Institute of Building Australasia, Dean of Research and Innovation for the Division of Arts, Education and Social Sciences, University of South Australia.
We are pleased to announce that the Institution of PPP has formally appointed the Council members and the officers in the inaugural Council meeting on 2 May 2017. The Council members are as follows:
Walter Chan,   Chairman of the Institution of PPP, Managing Director of TPMA
KM Yeung,  Vice Chairman of the Institution of PPP, Chairman of TPMA
Ken Tong,  Hon Secretary of the Institution of PPP, Manager of isBIM
David Yau, Hon Treasury of the Institution of PPP, Director and Chief Operation  Officer of TPMA
Moon Wei, Assistant Treasury of the Institution of PPP, Deputy GM Assistant of  Shenzhen Everbright City Development Ltd
Elvis Li,  Member, MD of isBIM
Prof Albert Kwan,  Member, Civil Engineering Professor of HKU
CY Liu, Member, Barrister
Francis Sootoo,  Member, Managing Director of MVA
Wilson Chan,  Member, Managing Director (E&M) of AECOM
Morgan Yang,   Member, Vice President of AECOM (China)
Bruce Wong, Member, Project Manager of Tai Hua Property Development Ltd
We are very happy that Institution of PPP has finally established and has the support of isBIM Ltd being the Patron of the Institution of PPP. We should be able to play an important role to promote PPP in the Belt and Road Initiative via the building information management system and the green finance in an efficient and sustainable way.
Walter Chan
Institution of PPP