On November 15, 2018, Mr. Walter Chan (Chairman of IPPP), Mr. KM Yeung (Vice chairman) and  council members Professor MW Chan, Mr. David Leung and Ms. Moon Wei, visited Mr. Lu jinbang, Deputy Director of the Department of Education and Science & Technology, Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in HKSAR. Mr. Chan introduced the principles of PPP, PPP market in mainland China and One Belt One Road initiative, the roles of green finance and Blockchain+BIM in PPP projects, as well as the PPP professional certification program of the World Bank in detail to the Deputy Director, Mr. Lu. According to China Public Private Partnerships Center, the number of projects in the project management database is 8249 with a total investment of 12.3 trillion RMB by September 2018. As the world’s largest PPP market, we like to bring in the World Bank PPP professional certification program to China in order to achieve a sustainable PPP delivery model. Mr. Yeung proposed to conduct a roadshow of the World Bank PPP professional certification program in 2019. Mr. Lu responded, “As the role of the Liaison Office is to facilitate the communication between the central government and all sectors of Hong Kong, I will introduce the Institution of PPP and support the roadshow plan of World Bank’s PPP professional certification program to relevant agencies and companies in mainland China and Hong Kong, and help facilitate all parties to connect and share the knowledge.”
Institution of PPP