The Institution of Public Private Partnerships (IPPP) held the 2019 AGM on 27 September, being the second AGM following the Inaugural Council Meeting held in May 2017 and the first AGM held in June 2018.
IPPP has accomplished the following major events in the period of May 2017 to September 2019:
  1. Setting up the Council and the Honorary Advisors Team from world class universities.
  2. Registering 74 Members and 5 Student Members.
  3. Delivering PPP lectures at the Hong Kong Institution of Engineers, the Hong Kong University, the China Hong Kong Railway Institution.
  4. Assigning 9 IPPP delegates to attend the 2019 Belt and Road Summit in September 2019 in Hong Kong.
  5. Co-organizing the Hong Kong – Canada Infrastructure and Construction Seminar in September 2019 with the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong.
  6. Supporting the 2019 Belt and Road Cross-Professional Advancement Programme at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University.
  7. Completing the Chinese translation of the World Bank Group PPP Guide text.
The 2019 AGM has approved the formation of the IPPP Council comprising 20 Council Members and 4 co-opted members, noting that Mr. Billy Tam has been appointed the Vice Chairman in order to strengthen the PPP consulting and training functions. The IPPP Council memberships are listed below:
1 Walter CHAN Chairman
2 KM YEUNG Vice-chairman
3 Billy TAM Vice-chairman
4 Ken TONG Hon. Secretary
5 Teddy IU Hon. Treasurer
6 Moon WEI Assistant Treasurer
7 David YAU Member
8 Francis SOOTOO Member
9 Albert KWAN Member
10 Wilson CHAN Member
11 CY LIU Member
12 Elvis LI Member
13 Bruce WONG Member
14 Kevin SO Member
15 Eric LEE Member
16 Jack CHENG Member
17 Waiky LEUNG Member
18 Jason CHUNG Member
19 David LEUNG Member
20 MW CHAN Member
21 Max LAW Assistant Secretary (Co-opted member)
22 Yabing HOU Co-opted member
23 Zhi Feng GAO Co-opted member
24 Alan TAM  Co-opted member
IPPP has assigned team leaders to follow up actions on the 5 Technical Committees:
1 Green Finance Committee: Professor MW Chan,  Jason Chung, Alan Tam
2 Learning and Development Committee: Professor Albert Kwan, Professor Jack Cheng
3 Conference Organizing Committee: Billy Tam, Moon Wei
4 PPP Guide Translation Committee: Walter Chan, Moon Wei
5 BIM + Blockchain Committee: Elvis Li, KM Yueng