Chairman message
The Institution of Private Public Partnerships was established in order to bring together all the stakeholders to develop public infrastructure by means of public private partnerships (PPP) to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the PPP projects. Our objective is to create appropriate environment for development, operation and maintenance of public infrastructure using the World Bank Group PPP model through:
  • Promotion of PPP knowledge - promotes the CP3P Certification Program. CP3P is the definitive credential to demonstrate to the peers that their abilities are aligned with international PPP practice.
  • Promotion of Green Finance - promotes the use of Green Finance in PPP projects for sustainability and supports the Paris Climate Agreement dealing with greenhouse gas emissions mitigation.
  • Promotion of Blockchain + BIM - promotes the use of Blockchain+BIM for increasing the level of transparency trust amongst Government, all stakeholders and project investors.
The Institution is to promote the green financing, Blockchain+BIM and CP3P certification program through the co-operation of the top global universities to hold educational programs and specific courses in the areas of planning, legal, finance, risk, construction, operation and maintenance.
Ir Billy Tam